Saturday, April 30, 2011

you know why tonight's fun?

because everyone is so gay.

Uh, aside from the Parks and Recreations quote, I sketched all my homosexual (a.k.a gay) male OCs awhile back. None of them are cartoony as you will notice.

Click to make bigger!

Paco <3 & Joseph are from a not-yet-developed-or-named series
Charles & Eric are from an old yaoi comic I still haven't uploaded the crappy second chapter to smackjeeves called 'Dancing in the Rain'
Charlie, Paul, Max (it might say Matt I do that while writing), and Austin are from a..uh..novel I am writing ( I don't even want to say that, so, mostly story ugthh)
Jaque is a maybe lover for Eric in D.I.T.R

Enjoy the homo homo~


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