Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspirational Art Photos - July 2011 (image heavy)

I made a post similar to this (except with fashion) on my personal blog. But this is my art blog, so, art related. I had a description with all of the fashion ones, but.... LET THE ART SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brokeback Decora Love

So, I have been out of school for awhile. I took art class 2nd semester and decided I wanted to share these 'pieces'. Only one of them is a specific project, as to where the other two are just pieces I did while in the class.

  Print press project we did. We carved designs in plastic, filled in the crevices with black in, and pressed them onto paper. I had 3 other ones that were colored and put together, but I didn't pick them up because I was fine with only having the black and white one.

Decora/fairy kei girl I did with water color. I didn't do it on watercolor paper, which I probably should have. My art teacher isn't super stingy with watercolor paper or anything, I just always think it's super expensive (since it seems to be) and don't want to waste it.

Mountain scene I did. When I first saw Brokeback Mountain in the 8th grade (I think I've only seen it once all the way through, it's so sad ;_;, so I don't like watching it rapid fire or anything) I use to draw mountain scenery a lot. So this is kinda inspired by that and the song "Sorrow" by Flyleaf. Because I think that song slightly fits to the movie. As you can see, I cannot draw people all that well. Realistically. Ugh.