Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brokeback Decora Love

So, I have been out of school for awhile. I took art class 2nd semester and decided I wanted to share these 'pieces'. Only one of them is a specific project, as to where the other two are just pieces I did while in the class.

  Print press project we did. We carved designs in plastic, filled in the crevices with black in, and pressed them onto paper. I had 3 other ones that were colored and put together, but I didn't pick them up because I was fine with only having the black and white one.

Decora/fairy kei girl I did with water color. I didn't do it on watercolor paper, which I probably should have. My art teacher isn't super stingy with watercolor paper or anything, I just always think it's super expensive (since it seems to be) and don't want to waste it.

Mountain scene I did. When I first saw Brokeback Mountain in the 8th grade (I think I've only seen it once all the way through, it's so sad ;_;, so I don't like watching it rapid fire or anything) I use to draw mountain scenery a lot. So this is kinda inspired by that and the song "Sorrow" by Flyleaf. Because I think that song slightly fits to the movie. As you can see, I cannot draw people all that well. Realistically. Ugh.



  1. i'm so not a fan of the craft behind the print press crafts - im waaay to impatient!! xDD but the result of such work always comes out sooo good. your print is really pretty! i especially love the bottom area, with the mouth n stars skratches n the uhm "talk-bubble". would look so good on a t shirt or a bag. very punk!

    as for the watercolor paper - i'm a bit weary of using it as well. but not because i think it's expensive anymore(ordinary BUT GOOD! ballpoint pens that i use is more expensive xDD) when using watercolors, i tend to use these brown, thick papers that ppl use to cover the floor when painting the walls. -it's sooo cheap, n you've get LOTS of it! but then again, its super fun to experiment n try out diffrent papers or surfaces to paint on. WITH THIS,i wanted to say, that you don't have to paint on watercolor paper, but please. PLEASE don't waste your beautiful art on these flappy writers-papers. DD: your growing talent deserves more!!

  2. @drend - Ahhh thanks so much! It did take awhile to do 4 prints. I asked my teacher if I had to re-ink it EVERYTIME I wanted to make a print, and he told me yes. Luckily, it was during school time.